By Mark M. DeNittis (Chef D)


Four generations of Mauro’s from my grandfather to my own boys have had the opportunity to work on the farm. We raise Durocs, Hampshire, Yorkshire and Crossbred swine. We run a 125 sow operation in Pueblo, Colorado. Nick “Hog Whisperer” Mauro

This month rather than feature a restaurant or hot spot I wanted to pay homage to the people truly behind great food. This month I wanted to highlight the Mauro Family and their outstanding Torpedo Farms pork. Nick “Hog Whisperer” Mauro is really passionate about what he does and is teaching his sons to carry that on as well. image_172

The farm just east of I-25 on Highway 50, has been in the Mauro family since the late 1800’s. I went to visit this great little place just south of Colorado Springs a mere one and a half hour south of Denver. Nick is one of the premier pig/hog breeders as well in the mid western region. Well known for the Love Shack, a quality breeding area, their handsome award winning stud boars such as One Time, Big Time or X-Rated, are sure to continue to create quality pork and 4-H show hogs.


Hey did you see the hams on that little Hampshire hottie at the feed trough last night!?! Whooo Hooo I took her back to the shack and let me tell you!


No junk, no antibiotics, no hormones is the “modus operendi” of Torpedo Farms opposed to what plagues the factory farmed commodities pork that the masses have come to settle for. All the pigs and hogs have adequate access to the outdoors and indoors, each age group is rotated every so often through a series of living pens to maximize a low stress environment as well. Low stress, ability to stretch and get outdoors, as well great breeding practices are instrumental to raising and providing high quality pork.

Torpedo Farms pork is rich in flavor and is how pork should taste.   Whether from a “Luau” size pig under 120 lbs or chops from an average 280lb Hog, the taste is awesome, clean and fresh. I am sorry but you won’t find any pork nearly as good in any big box supermarket or grocery store. Where to find Colorado’s Finest Pork, they are in a variety of locales throughout Colorado from All Natural grocers in Colorado Springs to some of the finest resorts and freestanding restaurants in Colorado. They can most often be found in the summer time at Farmers Markets such as the one in the Cherry Creek in Denver. 


As Nick described the standards of life for hogs on the farms I became friends with One Time, a friendly, breeding hog and quite large fellow, who let me pet him for a while. I mentioned to Nick that the snout was one of my favorite parts, eaten as a taco of course, One Time chimed in with a disapproving snort/grunt.    


How did Torpedo Farms get their name, well I thought it had something to do with the “Love Shack” but it actually has to do with a real military torpedo/bomb being found on the land. Probably one of the test “bombs” during WWII I would imagine. At the time of the visit I didn’t inquire about it.

Not only did I get the tour of the farm itself we stopped by the Mauro Brothers Meat packing facility just around the corner from the farm on Highway 50. Here he has the ability to make some of the other fine items such as Apple-wood Smoked Bacon and the Fresh Pueblo Chile Pepper Sausage. I also understand that Nick is offering a great deal on 5lb bags of chopped Pueblo Roasted Chilies. We made some Pork Green Chile with the bag of Chiles and pork he gave to me as well a sausage and egg frittata with the sausage.  

Call or Email them for more information and tell ‘em Chef D sent ya!

Torpedo Farms Meat Co, 28571 E Us Highway 50 Pueblo, CO 81006-9673

P: 719.821.6002 email:

Eat well, wheel well and responsibly we’ll see you on the trail!