7BG-NEW LOGOIntroducing JPFreek Adventure Magazines Trail-Chef Mark’s 7 Bar & Grille Culinary Modification Tool line, we will begin by offering 4 oz. re-useable containers that will contain the highest quality ingredient blends hand selected by Trail-Chef Mark M. DeNittis.

7BG CMTXRRAWith Culinary Modification Tool blends such as Poison Spider Bloody Mary Mix, Die Tryin Steak Rub, Rubicon’s Ultimate Burger Bang, Stuck in the Mud Spud Spice, and Hell’s Revenge Trail Dust just to name a few, Trail-Chef Mark is venturing into new territory with this branded Trail-Proven Culinary Adventure food modification line.



Food Modifications May cause Extreme addiction and adrenaline rush!


Each C.M.T. tin contains 4 – 6 ounces (dependant on density of individual ingredients) of the highest quality spice blends. Each tin on average, dependant on user tastes and recipe inclusion can easily produce multiple servings. The beverage C.M.T.’s will make approximately 1 – 1 ½ gallon of pure liquid refreshment pleasure.   

Hell’s Revenge Trail Dust: A dry version of the very well known Buffalo style hot sauce without the liquidy mess! Classic hot sauce flavor with buttery notes, use on grilled or fried chicken, pork, fish or any version of potato, this seasoning will likely spice up the best of foods.

Las Cruces Chile Challenge: Warming the southwestern soul and spirit this seasoning will enhance any chicken or pork green chile dish that you and your guests will come to love. Pork or Chicken Green Chile goes great as any breakfast egg dish topping or stand alone with soft flour tortillas. Works great mixed with sour cream as a chip dip, steak or chop seasoning, as well sprinkled on potatoes! If you’re really hardcore like the trails around Las Cruces you’ll probably spoon it straight down!

Southern Slam B.B.Q. Rub: Description: Put some south in yo’ mouth with this classic B.B.Q. seasoning. Rub liberally on pork ribs, chicken legs or breasts or beef brisket or meaty back ribs and add some smoke…and not the smoke from your tailpipe.

Stuck in the Mud Spud Spice: Classic hash brown potato taste this can also be used to spice up mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, French fries or homemade potato chips.  

Swamp Stompin’ Bayou Spice: Enjoy the “down-home” flavors of the deep-south’s bayou country with this Cajun style seasoning. Use sparingly or heartily to enhance your next Cajun style chicken, pork or fish dish. Remember, it’s not burnt…it’s blackened!

Die Trying Steak Rub: Just like the Moab trail you’ll crave the adrenaline rush of mouth watering flavors with this steak seasoning. Hints of balsamic and herb flavors make this a steak seasoning an unparalleled crowd pleaser. Heck you can even make tofu taste good with this stuff.

Rubicon’s Ultimate Burger Bang: This burger modification tool will surely conquer the most challenging of crowds appetites. From traversing the mighty Rubicon itself or your backyard patio the Ultimate Rubicon Burger Bang will enhance your cooking prowess.   

We’ve got your adventure thirsts covered too!

Poison Spider Bloody Mary Mix: Use this dual purpose seasoning when making a virgin or fully loaded Bloody Mary or mix with ground meat for an outstanding meatloaf.

Big Horn Mountain Man Cocoa: With a hint of Ancho chile this hot cocoa will be a hit.

Killington’s “Killah” Cider: Warming thoughts of this classic hot cider mulling spice for those cold nights.


Additionally the 7 Bar & Grille Culinary Adventure Team has teamed up with Rompalicious 4×4 Inc. www.Rompalicious.com for handling consumer sales.


The Culinary Adventure Team of culinary entrepenuers will be thinking way outside the pan! Many more “Trail-Proven” Culinary Food Modification items are slotted for the off-highway and outdoor adventure community in the upcoming spring of 2009.

Chef Mark and his team of Culinary specialists have aligned and are postioning with highest quality producers to introduce many more great and innovative items over the next few months.