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I really like beer. Whether at basecamp, at the pub or at home, a tasty brew can certainly make for a relaxing time.

For me, traveling around and enjoying the delicious brews from brewpub and bars has become a pastime. Here is the issue, though: Drinking and driving. Yes you can have a beer or even two with a meal in a couple of hours at the pub. However, I want to enjoy more than that and driving home from a remote brewery with a belly full of alcohol is not a good idea.

Most places will fill a growler for you to take home. This, however, has its own set of issues. The growler is sweaty from the cold beer inside and unless you have a cooler or equivalent with you it is hard to keep it cool enough until you get to a place where you can enjoy it. Enter Hydro Flask’s Growler.

Hydro Flask’s Growler has a series of double wall, vacuum-sealed double insulated bottles that keep cold things cold for twenty four hours or more. Sixty four ounce insulated beer vessels that will keep beer cold and fresh for even the longest drive. I started using Hydro Flask products in the desert in Arizona. They are BPA free and insulated, and they are both “cool” (literally and figuratively) as well as eco-friendly. With the release of the growler, I can go to the pub or brewery, fill up with a delicious beverage, and head back home to enjoy.

I have found nothing that matches the quality of materials and function that is even close to the price. Also they have a program to give five percent back for each bottle sold to eco-friendly charities.

As for me, I am off to get some Lagunitas IPA and some Green Flash. Dinner is going to be good tonight!

Have a look at all of the features of Hydro Flask’s products by visiting and receive a 10% discount by using coupon code “JPFREEK”

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Why would you be reading about cooking camp burgers? Because I believe this one ranks as “The Easy No Mess Method,” in which you’ll dirty no plates, bowls, flatware, nor will you have to tote around (or clean) a disgusting grill.

Cooking your hamburger on a campfire by wrapping it in foil and placing it right on the coals has some big advantages: you get a juicy burger even if cooked to well-done; there’s no mess; there’s no fuss; they taste even better when you cook them with the veggies. Check it out.

• Standard burger stuff: Ground beef patties, your toppings and seasonings of choice

1. Place individual patties on a sheet of aluminum foil (should be large enough to be folded over and fully enclosing the meat and toppings)
2. Sprinkle your seasonings – suggestion: garlic salt and Mrs. Dash
3. Add your vegetables; exceptions are lettuce and tomato which should be added after cooking
4. Wrap the foil around your meal, leave no holes exposed.
5. Using a shovel, scoop out cooking area within your fire ring, and place a bed a hot coals.
6. Place your wrapped burgers on the coals and and cover with another layer of coals.
7. Let ‘em be. Don’t touch. Drink a beer.
8. Check one at 10 minutes. It should be cooked to medium at this stage, and still extraordinarily juicy
9. Serve, eat, and be merry.

Shortcuts & Healthier Versions
• This is the shortcut
• Use ground turkey patties instead of beef

Other Tips
• The options are as endless as your creativity. Sure, wrap your patties in bacon if you want. Add barbeque sauce. Whatever, it’s your food.
• I’m fond of adding red onion slices, rings of green bell pepper, and and sliced jalepeño to the package with raw meat. It sends a rush of flavor to your mouth and you’ll be happy.

The recipe of sorts comes courtesy of Mark Stephens, publisher of Adventure Parents. Visit Mark’s website for more recipes, adventure galleries, and ripping narratives.

* Published by JPFreek Jeep Adventure Magazine – The leader in Jeep and adventure enthusiast publications.

For you trout lovers out there, Chef Mark DeNittis shares an awesome trout recipe from a recent backcountry excursion in his Jeep TJ.  Fix ‘er up and enjoy!

Pub Style Trout with Pretzel and Mustard Crust

2 Each Fresh Mountain Trout right from the stream (gutted)
1 Tbs Mustard ( Yellow Mustard) Dijon or other would work just as well.
½ tsp Black Pepper to taste
½ Cup Snyder’s Pretzels (or your favorite brand), crushed
No salt needed as the salt on the pretzels will do just fine.
1 Tbs Butter
1 Tbs Cooking Oil

Method of Preparation:
Pat dry the skin of the trout with paper towel. Slather the mustard on both sides of each trout. Season with black pepper. Roll the trout in the crushed pretzels. Heat the butter and oil in a skillet or on a griddle on medium heat. Place the trout into the skillet or griddle, cook on both sides for about 4 – 8 minutes depending on the thickness of the trout. Once cooked through, pick the flesh off the bone, sprinkle a little lemon on and enjoy with a cold beer of your choice.


* Published by JPFreek Jeep Adventure Magazine – The leader in Jeep and adventure enthusiast publications.

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