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One more bowl of awfully good offally goodness.

One more bowl of awfully good offally goodness.

 By Chef D

Recently I had to venture an hour north of Denver to pick up a side of beef for a distributor I deal with. I arrived in the small town of Windsor a little early and I was hungry. Passing up the fast food chain shwag I wanted something real, in the center of town I spotted The Border a Mexican/American Café. A few of the locals seemed to be wandering in and out, you can usually identify locals of smaller more rural towns by the overalls, John Deere hats and multiple pickup trucks parked out front. Any place with locals has to be good…right!?

Traveling along Colorado’s Front Range for one reason or another not many people trek far off the interstate. Often missing out on some of the finer old cafés or mom and pop restaurants that small towns have to offer, no not Micky D’s or Taco Bell’s mass produced garbage at some central warehouse, I’m talking real food, cooked by real people.

The Border is a small and quaint little place, with one waitress and two cooks in the back. I was greeted by a very friendly waitress that was quick to get me a menu and my drink order. The chips and salsa are available by request, the first basket free. I wasn’t very impressed with the salsa at all, but the chips were good, better than most I have had.

Being the aficionado that I am and staying somewhat consistent I ordered of course, you guessed it, a small cup of menudo. It was a very small cup but made up by being big on flavors and hearty. I guess I am used to the larger cup sizes when I eat at the taquerias of Denver when ordering menudo. If I were to go again I would definitely order a large bowl next time.

To follow suit with my eclectic sense of food, I ordered the plate of Rocky Mountain Oysters, which came with fries and fresh coleslaw. What else would come with RMO’s but a cup of cocktail sauce for dipping the lovely little crunchies. I will say the RMO’s were fried up golden and crisp and served hot out of the fryer.

All in all, The Border in Windsor, Colorado was good, lacking on the salsa and size of their menudo cup I was overall pleased and I would visit again.

Lastly I’ll try and make this the last menudo article for at least the 2009 year! Have fun, be safe and enjoy the summer season!


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