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As summer fades into a memorable bliss and cooler fall temps descend upon us I recall this favorite summer time dish of mine.  This hearty, flavorful yet economical recipe is great. If you don’t live in a costal area as I used to back in the day, this sure suffices in the middle of the desert for a seafood fix. The optional additions suggested at the end of the recipe also lend well to this recipe and would increase the volume of servings to 8-10 potentially.

Alaskan Cod a la Moab:

As reprinted from My Jeep Grille Adventures Camp Kitchen & Cookbook:

Serves 4-6

16 Oz. Frozen Cod (a variety of other fish can be used)

1 Tbsp sesame oil or vegetable oil

1 Clove Garlic, sliced thin

4 Ea. Scallions, sliced 1-2 inch long

1 Carrot, Vichy Cut (fancy for sliced thin diagonally)

½ cup Broccoli Florets (frozen or fresh) 

¼ cup Red Bell Pepper cut into strips

½ Lemon Juiced

1 tsp or Packet (like the ones you get from ordering take out) Soy Sauce

2 Packets Favorite Ramen (or like brand) Noodles (Shrimp Flavor reccommended)

Optional Condiment: Sambal Chili Paste, a very spicy condiment found in most markets.


Method of Preparation:

In a separate pan heat up enough water to follow the directions for the Noodle Packet, this usually takes only three to four minutes to cook. Plan accordingly. I strain out all of the water, to eat more like a noodle rather than a soup as its intended purpose. VERY IMPORTANT: Omit at least ½ if not ¾ of the seasoning packet when straining out all the water.


In a skillet (preferably non-stick for easy clean-up) heat up the oil over medium heat.

Add in the cod to the pan with the oil to sear until golden brown on one side.

Turn the cod to let cook through, until it flakes easily. Take out the cod and set aside.

Add the garlic and vegetables to cook through until tender.

Sprinkle the lemon juice and soy sauce over the contents, immediately add the pieces of cod back to the pan to help warm. Let simmer for 1 minute.

Serve over the LIGHTLY seasoned ramen noodles.


*Optional: Add a 8oz. bag of frozen tidi shrimp, or 8 oz. bag frozen bay scallops, or 8 oz. bag of frozen seafood medely, or dare I say the infamous Midwestern favorite Crab with a “K” (imitation crab mear).


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