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As we enter the winter season, some spirits are dulled. The bikes are hung, camping gear is stored, and the grills are covered. We start to unload the previously tucked away sweaters, load up on the firewood, and try to build our immune systems to avoid the flu and most recently H1N1.

To help build your immune system this season, stick to those foods that are the most colorful. Not only do they aid in supplying a generous amount of your daily requirements of essential
nutrients, but also boost your intake of antioxidants.

Oftentimes with vitamin and mineral supplements, we won’t absorb the majority of its contents. We like to call it expensive urine. This is because our bodies will excrete the unused nutrients that linger in the gut. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “But, I’m not paying $5 for a ½ pint of blueberries!!” Need not fear my friend, frozen berries are just as beneficial and much easier on the wallet. Even root vegetables such as yams, carrots, and beets can carry many beneficial phytonutrients. Grape juice and cranberry juice are also preventative foods, but be conservative with the sugar content. Increasing your tomato consumption is a great way to boost that immune system, whether it’s spaghetti sauce or a V8. These foods all contain antioxidants (antioxidants), nutrients that help our body to reverse the oxidized cells that become damaged from our environment, be it pollutants, stress, the sun, and even some diets.

By getting these molecules back to their reduced or normal state, our immune system is able to conquer the other bad bugs that our bodies are exposed to such as H1N1 flu. With the addition to antioxidants, staying active becomes more and more important to keep our immune system going strong.

Now, I’m a snow queen and when there is a freshly fallen blanket of snow on the ground, I tend to play harder and stronger. You can’t necessarily run in the snow, but strap on a pair of snow shoes and you’ve got yourself a whole new level of fitness. I was recently introduced to the midnight full moon hike and let me tell you, there is nothing more serene than hiking along a snow packed trail, lit by a brilliant full harvest moon swimming in a sky that is glittered with stars while you’re bundled up, listening to nothing else but the soft crunch of snow and the occasional sniffle as you work your way across a mountain valley. An event that I feel everyone should experience. However, if you’re more of an adrenaline junky, try back country skiing. No need for a $100 lift ticket as back country skiing will give you a whole new experience of shredding the mountain.

Whatever your style is, no need to sulk because your kayak won’t see water for another six months. Instead, experience what amazing activities lady winter has to offer. Staying active and maintaining a healthy varietals diet can help you avoid that nasty flu season and also keep cabin fever at bay. Shred on my fellow mountain shredders, shred on!

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